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CA FINAL : Financial Reporting (FR)

                                                                Basic Information

ModeLive @ Home/ Recorded/ Online Classes
Applicable for Exams inMay 2024 & Nov 2024
Offline Viewing (For Live@Home)Only on Mobile App
Watch Time Limit & Validity (For Live@Home)2X i.e. Classes can be viewed two times the duration of a total class duration of the course. Any class can be viewed any number of times within the watch time limit. And 2 years Validity.
Fees with GSTRs 19500/- for Live @Home
Live Batch Starts Date08th July 2023
Live Batch End Date10th Sep 2023
No of Sessions120
Live sessions45
Recorded Sessions75
Recorded Sessions BatchRecordings from Batch completed in Apr / May 23
Duration in hours350 Hours
Live Class Time6:30 Am to 9:30 AM (Faculty can change time on any day after discussing it in class)
Live Class DaysMonday to Saturday
LMS Validity730 days
Number of ViewsUnlimited within watch time limit
LanguageHindi and English Mix
ICAI SyllabusExisting Syllabus as on 20th April 2023
LMS and classes available from08th July 2023

                                              System Requirement and Device Information

Viewing device laptopLaptop, Desktop, Android Mobile, Apple Mobile
Simultaneous device log InNot Allowed
BrowserMicrosoft Edge for Windows devices, Safari for MacBook, Android App, and iOS App. it is possible that windows Laptop or desktop does not support our class’s security. In that case, you will have to use alternative devices. Still if in any case all your devices are not supported, we may shift you to Offline classes through Download (Google Drive). Google drive classes are to be downloaded on your LAPTOP only and can be viewed through a utility that will be provided to you online. These classes have a validity of 9 months with 1.5 times viewing of each class. These cannot be viewed on Live.
iOS APP availably fromiOS App – Download Link Here
Windows SystemThe device should have Original Windows 10.11 with 32 or 64 Bit. Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista, Starter, 7Basic, 7N Edition, 7KN edition, and Pirated Windows are not supported. You are advised not to view classes on an office laptop since it may conflict with our security features.
Android AppAndroid App – Download Link here…
Internet RequirementsNeeded a stable WIFI Internet with a minimum speed of 10Mbps for streaming Live classes or viewing Recorded Online Classes
Android MobileMobile with android version 7 or higher, with minimum 3GB RAM and 32GB internal Memory
Change of DeviceAllowed but multiple logins is not allowed
Attachment of External DeviceNot Allowed/supported
Privacy PolicyPlease read our privacy policy available on our website You can be contacted to make your experience rich and provide you support by our team and affiliates through SMS, WhatsApp messages, Calls, Emails, or other social media platforms.
Refund or cancellation of orders sinceSince we incur substantial expenditure on the activation of your classes, a Refund will not be allowed under any circumstances
Merit Scholarship/Economically Weaker Sections/ Students who need financial supportWe support cases within our framework of genuine cases. You may be asked to provide a few documents to support your case. A maximum of 30% remission in fees can be allowed for approved cases. Please contact through email at
Change of CourseNot allowed in any case
InvoicesIf you have joined our classes directly on our website then you will be issued GST compliant Invoice by our company Global Educators. It will be a retail invoice issued to a consumer on a B2C basis. If you have joined classes through our affiliates network, you will be issued an invoice directly by them.
Technical Support phone9810098543
Working days and time MondayMonday to Saturday 10:30 Am to 6PM
Raising a ticketRaise Ticket Here…
Product Enquiry9810012674
Our AddressC 56, Second Floor, Preet Vihar, Delhi 110092


What is the meaning of the Watch time limit?It means how many hours you can watch our video content in LMS including classes. For example, a watch time of 2X means if the total video content in a course is of 100 hours, you can watch 200 hours of video content.
What is the validity period of the course?The validity period is the maximum allowed period of the course and related LMS. After the expiry of the validity period the login of the courses will be disabled.
Can I get an extension of Validity of course and if yes, charges for the same and maximum period allowed?The validity can be extended based on prior requests on a chargeable basis @ Rs 1000 per month of the extended period. maximum of 3 months extension allowed
What is offline Viewing?Under Offline viewing, the students will be able to view the classes in our Android Apps. The students need to download classes on our through the Internet. All the downloaded classes can be viewed on smartphones only.
What is Downloaded through Google drive or google drive classes?Classes are downloaded from a link and played on a utility called Student – Content Software link here…
What is the name of the software where downloaded classes can be viewed?All the downloaded classes can be viewed on smartphones only except the Google drive downloaded class which can be viewed on a laptop only
If I consider live classes how watch time is calculated?Live class time is counted as watched time
If I don’t view live classes how watch time is calculated?You can view recorded classes 2X
Can I increase watch time?NO
What is LMS?LMS stands for Learner Management System where all the recorded lectures of live classes can be viewed at any time along with classes students can access Class Book pdf, Class Notes, Summary Video, Summary Notes, Test Papers, etc
What material can I get on LMS?Class Book pdf, Class Notes, Summary Video, Summary Notes, Test Papers, etc
How can I know more about LMS?You can access all the material related to the course on a simple click. for more details, You can refer to our operation booklet sent as part of study kit
Where can I view Live and Recorded classes?You can view all the Live/Recorded classes at our website through your user credential.
What are various type of tests?Unit Test(Chapter Test), MCQ, Subjective Full Length Test i.e. Mock Test
How can i give test?You are required to attempt the test paper assuming your home is the examination centre. Complete the test paper within stipulated time and after completion simply click the image of the test paper and upload it on our website
How are test checked?The test will be checked by Faculty/Independent Experienced Examiners
Can I attempt full mock exams?YES
Do I need to subscribe to any test series?We do not recommend to subscribe any Test Series
Can I purchase another set of books?You may purchase the recommended books by the faculty on our website.

                                                                     About Books

Courier detailsWe try to process all deliveries through reputed courier company like DTDC etc. In some cases where the pin code/zip code is not serviceable by these courier companies, we use Indian Speed Post for those deliveries. If there is no courier service available in your area, we will get in touch with you and try to work out a convenient alternate delivery location that is serviced by our courier partners.
Dispatch period3 working days( our dispatch will start from 10Th April 2023. if new course is introduced by then we will revise days based on changed circumstances
Delivery period after dispatch7 working days
Tracking detailsThese will be provided on email of students upon dispatch
AddressCheck your address, it may be the case that affiliates post their address instead of yours, it may result in delay of products
List of items sent in study kitMain book Volume 1 to 4
Text of Ind AS Volume 1 & 2
Coverage100% all questions of Study Material, RTP, MTP, Past Exam Questions. of ICAI. All content is with solutions and exactly on as it is basis. it means all solutions and questions are exactly same so that student can understand what ICAI solutions says. Apart from this material contains questions from ACCA/Dip IOFRS/ICAI Educational material/FAQ issued by ICAI, Opinions of Expert Advisory committee. Total Questions and examples covered in class 2000plus. Student does not need any other material for studies.
ConceptsAll concepts are taught in simple, crisp and interesting manner. we do not promote rot learning and all logical explanations are given for topics. Our faculty has 35 years of teaching experience.
What’s happens in classFaculty explains logins and concepts with theory and examples. Question solving is done as per exam presentation. HW of questions is given in each class, which may take up to 2 hours of work. Faculties discuss HW questions in next class and even solve them if needed. Faculties frequently make short revision videos and Mind Maps for quick revision. Full Revision videos are provided on LMS for faster revision after completion of course.
Queries ClassSeparate queries LIVE class is provided for each recorded chapter. Its time and schedule is decided by faculty and informed directly in class.
Coverage100%.Its not a fast track or Short Revision batch. We cover everything you need for exams. We do not follow ABC method of doing selected chapters. We teach on traditional white board. whatever is written on board is called slides and students get them as PDF on LMS.
TestEach chapter has its own MCQ and Subjective Test. Also 3 full course mock exams are provided on LMS
Queries from facultyWhile in a live class, most of the queries are answered but still if needed then, ask queries from faculty by calling. The phone no of the faculty is 9810014495. Faculty prefer calling instead of sending WhatsApp messages. Calls on WhatsApp are also answered.
Peer ContactsStudents are encouraged to be in touch with other class students to discuss studies, issues, and even queries among themselves. For this a dedicated telegram channel is available. Telegram Link here… Faculties and teaching Assistants are also in these groups to moderate. Also, each class has a group where students can discuss that class with other students.
Announcements and NotificationsAny change in class timings or cancellations are notified on Mobile Notifications and announcement section on our LMS.
Free RecoursesAll faculties keep on posting free resources on our dedicated Aldine Telegram Channel. You may join it to get updates related to your studies.


CA FINAL :  Advanced Financial Management (AFM)

As per New ICAI Curriculum
Batch Starting From 7th July 2023 and will be completed by 20th October 2023 (approx.).
Every Week Students will get 6 Lectures on Google Drive.

Applicable forMay 2024, Nov 2024, and May 2025
CourseCA Final
PaperAdvanced Financial Management
FacultyProf Archana Khetan
Lecture LanguageHindi + English Mix
ICAI SyllabusNew Syllabus as on July 2023
Recording DetailsBatch Start: 7th July 2023 | Batch End: 20th Oct 2023
AmendmentsIf any, will be provided via Google Drive Link
Mode Of DeliveryGoogle Drive | Pen Drive
Study Material LanguageEnglish
Lectures85 Lectures
Total Lectures Duration265 Hours
Doubt SolvingOver Mail + Telegram
Views1.5 Views and 1.8 Views
Validity6 Months and 2 Years Validity
System RequirementWindows 10 Only / Android 6.0 and above
System PlayableLaptop, Mobile & Android Tab
Study MaterialsHard Copy
Estimated DeliveryEstimated delivery on 17 – 20 July, 2023
The fees provided include the cost of printed books, multiple choice questions, courier charges, and technical support. The payment given is considered to be full and final. If there are any additional costs, please confirm with us before making any payments.


Product Enquiry8294358818 | 8271908818
Technical Assistance9930812721 / 9137967305
Technical Support
Delivery –We will deliver the package to your address within 7 working days of placing the order, subject to any situation beyond our control or technical challenges.


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