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CA Final-Direct Taxation (DT) Aug 24 Live Batch by CA Aarish Khan


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By CA Aarish Khan

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CA Final-Direct Taxation (DT) by CA Aarish Khan

LIVE @Home with 100% backup Batch start from 1st Aug 24

Timings :-  Monday to Saturday 6:30 am to 9:30 am

Google Drive/ Android App/IOS App

Views – 1 Time
Validity – 12 months


1  Total 225 hours.
2 3 Textbook for detailed understanding.
3 2 Coloured EASY NOTES for last day revision (Under 500 Pages entire Direct Tax covered comprehensively)
4 All ICAI Case Laws will be taught in class itself
5 1 Practical Question Book covering more than 450 Question & Answer  including past RTP, MTP & Past Papers.
6 Revision Videos for Complete Syllabus on Youtube. No need to touch the books after watching revision videos.
7 Solve Doubt on Whatsapp & Telegram Group.
Link for Telegram Group :
8All ICAI MCQ will be discussed online.
9Books will take minimum 1 working week to reach.

System Requirement and Device Information

Available in Laptop, Desktop, Android Mobile, Apple Mobile

Browser – Microsoft Edge for Windows devices, Safari for MacBook, Android App, and iOS App.

It is possible that windows Laptop or desktop does not support our class’s security. In that case, you will have to use alternative devices. Still if in any case all your devices are not supported, we may shift you to Offline classes through Download(Google Drive).

The device should have Original Windows 10.11 with 32 or 64 Bit. Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista, Starter, 7Basic, 7N Edition, 7KN edition, and Pirated Windows are not supported. You are advised not to view classes on an office laptop since it may conflict with our security features.

Needed a stable Wifi Internet with a minimum speed of 10Mbps for streaming Live classes.

Mobile with android version 7 or higher, with minimum 3GB RAM and 32GB internal Memory

For technical help, call 9009004766. (And save this number, so can get updates on whatsapp.

How do you want it?

Live@Home with 2X watch times (Online) Aug 24, Google Drive (Offline) Feb 24, Pen Drive (Physical), Class@Centres with 1X watch times (Online)


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